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 We need more members to be involved and participate in keeping our building and grounds in good shape. And not necessarily in monetary donations either. If we could get enough people to come and donate a few hours of time and labor we could get these projects done. If we don’t get the repairs to the building done, then we won’t have a place to go and enjoy ourselves with the friends we have made over the years. It seems that many of the same people are doing all the up-keep at the club. As a member, please make a choice to step up and help. Monetary donations may be sent to the club at the above address, please note with “Building Fund” on the envelope and check.


Pavilion Rental:
If you would like to host an event at the club pavilion, there is a 100.00
 deposit and a $30..00 Non- REFUNDABLE Fee will be deducted for the Pavilion Rental. Please fill out the reservation agreement and drop in the membership box, with deposit. Pavilion rental is on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the calendar that is posted at the club. Deposit will be returned after the pavilion has been cleaned by you and inspected by the Club for any damage.


ALL alcohol MUST be purchased from the club. Kegs and Wine can be purchased in advance through the club at cost. Keg(s) can be barreled and put on ice for an additional $20.00 SEE bar manager for cost. ALL other alcohol MUST be purchased from the bar. A Caterer's Permit through the New York State Liquor Authority IS required of anyone renting the Pavilion who wishes to serve alcohol and food at their event. There is a Permit Application fee of $48.00 in addition to the Rental fee required. A separate check and application for the permit must be submitted to the Bondholders a minimum of (6) Six weeks in advance of the event so a Caterer's permit can be filed..​


NO ALCOHOL is permitted in the pavilion WITHOUT a PERMIT!!   UNDERAGE drinking IS NOT TOLERATED and is the responsibility of the permit holder to enforce. 


                  Here is an Important Message that we need to tell our Assmebly Member to vote NO on.

Yesterday I shared a link to a petitions to tell our state officials vote NO on A00722 banning hunting contest as this bill is a broad spectrum bill it allows for other regulations to be adopted more easily once it is in place, but in this round it will also put an end to field trial testing of hunting dogs as an effort to end the use of dogs for hunting, including those who have their companions assist in water fowl season. This also fits into the proposed state ban on organizations raffling off rifles and shotguns, essentially killing all the NYS Ducks Unlimited chapters and Hunting Clubs that make 80-90% of their yearly budget through the raffles, and then other funds from other hunting competitions including seasons largest coyote, or largest turkey or even a multi-club contest where the most deer meat donated to shelters or food pantries. They could all be illegal and will out an end to these clubs. Here is some more information and below is a list of all the sponsors of A722, most are from NYC, one is from Cortland and represents Tompkins County. One is a republican, and the rest are democrats. Why is NYC deciding what is best for the rest of NY?

BILL NO A00722
Amd §§11-0901 & 71-0921, En Con L

Provides that it shall be unlawful for any person to organize, sponsor, conduct, promote, or participate in any contest, 
competition, tournament or derby where the objective of such contest or competition is to take wildlife.


Members can contact their assrmbly member by using the Sportsmen's Alliance Legislative Action Center




WEDNESDAY, June 7,2019

All Cell Phone Should Be Silenced During the Meetings.

Meeting start time _7:01 Pm

34 members in attendance

Pledge to the flag

(5) New Member Applicants were introduced to the Membership.

New members were voted on; AIF.


Reading of membership minutes (motions to accept minutes) Dave Richardson 2nd Steve May AIF

Reading of BOD minutes (info only)





Golf Tournament: We lock in the date for 7/27. Tickets are $45.0 at this time, the more teams, the lower the cost. We need people to send up for teams!! Bondholder to match the membership Donation of $100.00, for a total of $200.00 to spend on beverages and food.


Gun Raffle:  Tickets are here, see Gen after meeting! Let’s start selling! We are looking for volunteers to help with the Raffle, before in getting donations, setting up and during the raffle selling side raffle tickets, cooking the food, etc. Gen to put up Volunteer sign-up sheet on the board.




6/ 15 ~ Ride with Superman Benefit

7/14 ~ tentative Ladies Shoot Day – to be confirmed

7/27 ~ HFGC Golf Tournament

8/4 ~ LCTL Shoot w/Breakfast $7.00, 8-12 pm.

8/24 ~ Sportsman Gun Raffle – 1-5 pm.

9/8 ~ LCTL Shoot w/ Breakfast $7.00, 8-12 pm.

9/11, 14 ~ Hunter’s Safety Classes

10/19 ~ Adults Halloween Party- 8 pm-12 am w/ OPEN G

10/26 ~ Kids Halloween Party -1 to 3 pm

12/14 ~ Kids Christmas Party -1 to 3 pm w/ a visit from Santa

12/14 ~ Adults Christmas Party -8 pm-12 am w/ CONTRABAND



T-shirts: We will be making another order. Craig Judd is still looking into new vendors, to make new orders. Rob Mann in town, Chris Held in Lima. Frank Atkinson to give Mark the name of the place Dave Brennan got his.



 Election: The July Membership meeting is scheduled for July third, but being the day before the holiday I would like to move it to the 10th and that will be election night also. Sign up sheet is on the board for spot to be nominated. We are going to need 5 board members this year. Gary Brien made the motion to move meeting to July 10, 2nd Doug Wilcox AIF


Grace Wood set up Ladies Day Shoot for July 14th, 9 AM -12 PM  Trap and Skeet!  All ladies no men, age 12 and up. Pheasant Forever donates shells and the club donates targets!


Every Sunday morning Open Shoot for everyone  Trap and Skeet!  Starts around 9 AM


June 15th- Ride W/ Superman Benefit- Roy spoke this is a Memorial Benefit & Scholarship Ride, circuit around the Finger Lakes with stops end up back at the club for dinner and band, etc. Four candidates received scholarship last year. Volunteers are welcome! Registration starts at 11:30 Am


Dennis Hilburger- stated that the Honeoye school thinks that ages are 16yrs & older to shoot guns. We adhere to NYS Laws of 12yrs & older.


Roy offered to pour a pad for the dumpsters, Mark and Roy will discuss after meeting.


50/50 raffle drawing of $88.00 winner is Bill Spollio of $44.00


Reviewed the minutes for info only.


(Motion to adjourn) Dennis Hilburger 2nd   Susan Read AIF

Meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM

Respectfully submitted by Gen Bushie, Secretary to the Membership





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