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 We need more members to be involved and participate in keeping our building and grounds in good shape. And not necessarily in monetary donations either. If we could get enough people to come and donate a few hours of time and labor we could get these projects done. If we don’t get the repairs to the building done, then we won’t have a place to go and enjoy ourselves with the friends we have made over the years. It seems that many of the same people are doing all the up-keep at the club. As a member, please make a choice to step up and help. Monetary donations may be sent to the club at the above address, please note with “Building Fund” on the envelope and check.


Pavilion Rental:
If you would like to host an event at the club pavilion, there is a 100.00
 deposit and a $30..00 Non- REFUNDABLE Fee will be deducted for the Pavilion Rental. Please fill out the reservation agreement and drop in the membership box, with deposit. Pavilion rental is on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the calendar that is posted at the club. Deposit will be returned after the pavilion has been cleaned by you and inspected by the Club for any damage.


ALL alcohol MUST be purchased from the club. Kegs and Wine can be purchased in advance through the club at cost. Keg(s) can be barreled and put on ice for an additional $20.00 SEE bar manager for cost. ALL other alcohol MUST be purchased from the bar. A Caterer's Permit through the New York State Liquor Authority IS required of anyone renting the Pavilion who wishes to serve alcohol and food at their event. There is a Permit Application fee of $48.00 in addition to the Rental fee required. A separate check and application for the permit must be submitted to the Bondholders a minimum of (6) Six weeks in advance of the event so a Caterer's permit can be filed..​


NO ALCOHOL is permitted in the pavilion WITHOUT a PERMIT!!   UNDERAGE drinking IS NOT TOLERATED and is the responsibility of the permit holder to enforce. 







Meeting start time 7:10 PM

24 members in attendance

Pledge to the flag

New Member Applicants to be introduced to the Membership.

  • All that showed up were voted in.

 Mark Bushie read the membership minutes (motions to accept minutes) Bonnie Callaghan 2nd Dennis Hilburger   AIF.


Mark Bushie read the BOD minutes (info only)


SICK CALL: Gary Bannas passed away. We will send a check & a card.

Dana Teed’s Mom passed away; a card will be sent



Kids Christmas Party:  Mark Bushie gave the report on report. We had 15 kids and Santa. All had a great time. Thanks to Gen, Sue, Brenda, Melanie, Tabatha and Santa


HFGC Ammo Plate Special: Tickets are at the bar! $10.00 for single plates, $12.00 for Double plates. ***Please put the name of the Buyer & what they want circled on the tickets! 1/17 is last day to turn in tickets for this event so we can go purchase the supplies.



Hill & Valley Riders: Meetings are the third Thursday of the month.

 Starts at 7;00PM

Jan. 25th -Ammo Plate Day- Presale tickets only, tickets at the bar!

Feb 2nd – Super Bowl Party with Chili Cookoff, details to follow soon!

Feb 14th -Valentines Steak Dinner- Presale tickets only, Details to follow soon!

Feb 23rd -LCTLS w/ Breakfast-Details to follow soon!

Mar 17th- St, Patty’s day specials-Details to follow soon!

June 13th- Austin White’s Benefit Run with Superman

Aug 29th -Annual Sportsman Ruger Raffle-Details to come soon!



Kitchen Demo:  The hood is installed and Fan to be welded soon. Floor being put down soon. Sinks installed soon.

DEC Camp: We have Nine kids signed up! 2 kids are retuning campers, 7 new ones. Grace sent out letters to all with info. A motion to pay to send all 7 new campers and apply to Livingston County for scholarship money.



Mark Bushie is now new the Bar manger



New Bar Hours of Operation:

Mondays 4-10 pm*

Tuesdays 4-10 pm*

Wednesdays 4-10 pm *

Thursdays 4-10 pm*

Fridays 4-10 pm*

Saturdays 2-12 pm*

Sundays 12-7 pm*

*Closing hours are subject to Member occupancy*


50/50 raffle drawing of $99.00 winner is Dan Rivera, dan donated his winnings of $50.00 to the kitchen fund.


Reviewed the minutes for info only.


(Motion to adjourn) Tom Beers 2nd Laurali Deats   AIF.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM






                                                       New Procedures for Ranges

                                          Starting September 1, 2019


Range Use for Members Only

Guests are permitted use only when accompanied by a member.

Safety is the Highest Priority


Sign in is required before use.

During club hours sign in/out in clubhouse.

Before club hours sign in located in log book outside basement door at clubhouse.


Range use permitted 7 days a week, noon - dusk. 

Please check hunting log book before using range. 

No range use if a hunter is in the field. 


Misuse of ranges will result in loss of privilege.

Thank you for your patience during our restructuring.



Range use log in rules.


Signing your name on the log in sheet is an agreement that you have read and will follow procedures for range use below.


Any unsafe actions or non-compliance will jeopardize your privilege and membership.


  1. Ranges may be used from noon – dusk unless there are hunters in the field.  Check hunting log located near basement door before signing in.
  2. You must sign in and sign out of range log book.
  3. No range use during a pavilion event.
  4. Shooters must be at least age 12.
  5. Shooters ages 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Use key to unlock 100 yard gate; return key when logging out.
  7. Please remove all targets/casings when finished.
  8. No alcohol prior/during shooting
  9. No rapid fire
  10. No Tannerite or similar type targets
  11. No steel targets at the 50 yard range


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