Membership Dues are due on August 1st



  Membership Application


Thank you for applying for membership with the Honeoye Fish and Game Club.  Please note that all new members must have a sponsor, who must sign this form.  If we receive your application and fee by the 4th Monday of the month, it will be reviewed by our Board of Directors and will be voted on at our next membership meeting which is the 1st Wednesday of the following month.  You and your sponsor must attend the membership meeting, where you will be invited to introduce yourself and give the membership some background information upon which they can base their decision.  Failure to follow the application process will result in the forfeiture of your application fee. Note:  All HFGC memberships are to be renewed by August of each year, regardless of when your membership began.


Our membership fees are:


Family membership (please check one)         ____   New member $ 45          ____ Renewal $ 40         

Single membership (please check one)          ____    New member $ 35          ____ Renewal $ 30      


Checks payable to the: Honeoye Fish and Game Club                                   


______   I understand that my membership includes volunteering for some club functions or work detail. 


Name:________________________________________ Spouse Name:____________________________

                    First                              Last                                                           First                        Last


Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

                   Number & Street                                              City                               State                  Zip


Phone: _________________________________    Email: ________________________________________


Signature: _____________________________________   Date: _____________________


Sponsor Name: ________________________________Sponsor Signature:__________________________


Place your application and fee in the membership box at the Club, or mail to PO Box 466 Honeoye, NY 14471


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