Membership Dues are due on August 1st !!!


To join the club you must apply and have a sponsor. A sponsor is a member in good standing. A member must be a member for more than three months to sponsor another person and is limited to three sponsorships in one year.  The dues are $20 single and $30 family for one year.


There is also a one time new member application fee of $5.00. You will be brought up for selection at a Board of Directors meeting then at a general meeting. You will only be approved if you and your sponsor are at the meeting. You are responsible for making sure that your membership remains in good standing. Membership renewal is August 1st of each year. If your dues are late you will have to reapply for membership. There is a $5 fee for lost membership cards.


You may print and submit this application with sponsor signature!


Honeoye Fish and Game Club , Inc
Honeoye NY 


        $35.00 family new member                                                                  $30.00 renewal


        $25.00 single new member                                                                   $20.00 renewal



           _____Single               _____Family 

Name: ____________________________________
Address/P.O. : __________________________________
City/State/Zip: _____________________________
Phone: ___________________________________
Email: ____________________________________

New Members-your sponsor must sign this form.you and your sponsor must come to the next membership meeting to speak on your behalf unless you are told otherwise.Applications received by the 4th Monday of the month will be acted upon at the next membership meeting which is the 1st Wednesday of the month.  * Failure to follow application process results in Forfeiture Of Fee! *



Sponsor Signature: ______________________________ 



Print Name:__________________________________




Mailing address:

Honeoye Fish and Game Club
PO Box #466
Honeoye, NY 14471



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