Code of Conduct


It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a manner that represents the club in accordance with its written purpose as defined in the Constitution and By-laws. Failure to comply will result in suspension of membership by the Board of Directors.

1- Guests:      This is a private membership only club. A guest is considered any adult who does not hold a valid membership card. A member may bring a local guest into the club up to 2 times. Guests may not abuse this privilege by being a guest of multiple members. Guest traveling over 50 miles have no restriction on the number of times they may visit. Guests must sign in at the bar upon entering and may only purchase alcohol over the bar when accompanied by a member in good standing. 

2- Conduct:     It is expected that the club members will refrain from the following activities when on club property:

  •  use of illegal substances
  •  purchase of alcoholic beverages for consumption by those younger than 21
  •  fighting
  •  excessive profanity and/or verbal abuse
  •  vandalism
  •  smoking in clubhouse & basement


Guests are only allowed to be signed in 2 times. They can only be present at the Club while the Member who signed them in is present. You are responsible for the conduct of your guest.




Drug Activity: Any Illegal Drug use inside or outside the Club will not be tolerated. If caught it is grounds for Prosecution & Suspension from the Club for Life.





Shooting Range & Hunting Policy

The ranges can be use wether the club is open or not, sign in at the bar when open or undernethe the deck when closed.

You can shoot on ranges from 8:00 AM til Sundown!


All shooter's must SIGN IN and SIGN OUT at the bar with full name, caliber of firearm, and correct range (50 yard or 100 yard).


The ranges may be signed out by a club member if there are no hunter's signed into the Hunter's Log Book located at the basement entrance under the deck. It is the shooter's responsibility to check the Log Book.


There is no cross-shooting. If the trap/skeet fields are in use, the ranges will be closed. If the ranges are in use, the trap/skeet fields are closed. Only one range may be in use at a time.


All shooter's must be at least 12 years of age and possess Hunter Education certification. An adult must be present if not 18 years of age. Eye and ear protection must be worn by everyone on the ranges and fields.


Ranges will be closed during any organized event.




All hunter's must SIGN IN and SIGN OUT on the Hunter's Log Book located by the shooter's door undernethe the deck. Please make an attempt to know where everyone will be. A blaze orange vest will be the minimum requirement for all firearms hunter's on the property. Multilple hunter's are allowed on the property. 



For Sunday only during deer season


The new procedures will be:


- Hunting will be open from sunrise-10am.

- Trap/Skeet will take place from 10:30-2pm. (If no one is signed in to hunt, this may be modified)

- Ranges open for sighting in firearms from 2-3pm.

- Hunting back open from 3pm-sunset.


**Exception ~ Hosted Shoot


Range and hunting privileges will be revoked indefinitely from anyone deemed reckless (drunkenness, horse play, poor gun handling) or for failure to sign in or out. Complaints should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.

All Honeoye Fish and Game Club By-Laws, governing documents, and financial information, is available upon request from club officers at HFGC, Inc. Honeoye, New York





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